How to Build Your Business Through Anticipatory Service

How to Build Your Business Through Anticipatory Service

Anticipate: “an expectation or prediction, the act of looking forward”

5 Star Superior service is built primarily upon anticipation. The higher property rating and booking revenue, the higher the service.

But what is truly great service?

In my experience, it’s anticipatory. Already expecting what your guests would like, before they even know they want or need it, and taking action on it.

This can come in a variety of forms. For example, when I used to work managing guest experience, I reached out to every guest before arrival to ascertain their preferences. This was done via phone call or email.

During this time, I would make a connection with each guest and that would last until their departure. I would ascertain preferences such as their reason for the trip, mattress firmness, grocery shopping required, room setup and so much more. The expectation was them feeling home away from home, before they even came.

With this insight, try to gather some data about your guests. You can begin to craft an understanding around this person and anticipate what they like and what they might need.

Learning they are coming for a birthday getaway for example, you can start to plan quite a few things (And they don’t have to be extremely complicated). For example, one guest loved the color purple, roses and chocolate (we “spied” her FB profile :) On arrival, a bouquet of purple roses, chocolate cake and elegant purple balloons with a personalized birthday card from our team. Setup time? 20-30 minutes. Memories? Forever. Guest rebooking? 100%

It’s about the thought and recognition that counts towards great guest experiences.

Think of a few ways now you can provide anticipatory service. Write them down and create a plan of how to take action on them in your rental business. 

Here’s a few simple examples off the top of my mind

  • Providing them with their preferred beverages
  • Setting the room temperature to their ideal levels
  • Writing a card wishing them a nice stay
  • Ensuring your property amenities are well stocked for them to get situated without running to the store
  • Providing a welcome basket with local goods
  • Discount tickets to local attractions
  • Maps and guide to the city
  • Instructions for operating devices such as TV/Thermostat
  • Check-out instructions
  • Local restaurants, hours and menus
  • Local insider tips they might like
  • Children’s toys
  • A dog bed and toys if you’re animal friendly (e.g. Pepsi, Doritos and Dog-eos) below :)

 Happy Hosting!

Igor Miller



Written By : Host Success Team

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