Free Airbnb Guest Guide Templates

Free Airbnb Guest Guide Templates
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Having a guest guide for your Airbnb offers numerous advantages:

  1. Improves Guest Experience: It provides essential information, making guests feel comfortable and well-informed.
  2. Reduces Host-Guest Communication: A detailed guide answers common questions, saving the host time.
  3. Leads to Positive Reviews: Useful information in the guide can result in better reviews from guests.
  4. Personal Recommendations: Hosts can share local tips, enhancing the guests' travel experience.
  5. Clarifies House Rules: Clearly stated rules and appliance instructions help prevent misunderstandings.
  6. Enhances Safety: Including emergency contacts and safety information is crucial.
  7. Adds a Personal Touch: A unique guide can make the stay more memorable.
  8. Serves as a Marketing Tool: Hosts can promote additional services they offer.
  9. Increases Operational Efficiency: Standardizing guest information streamlines Airbnb management.
  10. Encourages Feedback: The guide can be a medium to request feedback from guests.

In summary, an Airbnb guest guide is important to have and enhances the guest experience, reduces communication overhead, and contributes to the overall success and management of the rental.

Our team created multiple guest guide templates that you can use for free to enhance your listings. To access the files, you need a free registration to, so you can edit the templates to fit your listings. For any questions regarding Canva, explore their help center here. Pampered Guest does not offer Canva support.

Download your free templates here:



Download this template


Download this template



Download this template


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