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    Highly Rated Business

    by delighting guests with an Amenity Box™

    Increase review ratings and repeat bookings with a thoughtful Amenity Box. Show guests you care by providing them with products they need while away from home.

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Hospitality is getting harder, how are you Standing out?

Airbnb ( and VRBO ) aren't just a side hustle for you. You’re in the hospitality business.

That means every other listing ( and hotels ) is your competition.

So what are you doing to stand out?

To make guests rave about their stays.

And return time and again?

Building the business of wow

The listings that succeed in 2023 are focused on extras.

The little things that bring a smile to guests' faces.

The thoughtful touches that make everyone who books go, wow.

This is why we created Pampered Guest. To help you with the little things.

To deliver wow, without you having to do any extra work.

Anything your guests could ever need

Discover What's Inside

Coconut Body Wash

Coconut Body Wash

A refreshing, cleansing body wash with natural coconut essence.

  • 100% BPA-free recycled plastic (not single use / made to be remade)
  • 1.5 oz/40mL (5-7 showers)
  • Paraben/silicone/phtalate & synthetic fragrance free

White Tea Shampoo

White Tea Shampoo

A restorative shampoo with natural white tea essence.

  • 100% BPA-free recycled plastic (not single use / made to be remade)
  • 1.5 oz/40mL (5-7 showers)
  • Paraben/silicone/phtalate & synthetic fragrance free

Lemon Verbena Conditioner

Lemon Verbena Conditioner

A silky conditioner with natural lemon verbena essence, leaving hair extremely soft.

  • 100% BPA-free recycled plastic (not single use / made to be remade)
  • 1.5 oz/40mL (5-7 showers)
  • Paraben/silicone/phtalate & synthetic fragrance free

Coconut Body Lotion

Coconut Body Lotion

A hydrating, elegant body lotion with natural coconut essence.

  • 100% BPA-free recycled plastic (not single use / made to be remade)
  • 1.5 oz/40mL (5-7 showers)
  • Paraben/silicone/phtalate & synthetic fragrance free

Natural Soap Massage Bar

Natural Soap Massage Bar

Natural PH balanced soap infused with wheat bran, to gently nourish and massage the skin. Neutral scent.

Agave Fiber Loofah

Agave Fiber Loofah

Replace your washcloths and delight your guests with this natural loofah.

  • Dual-sided with light & deep exfoliation
  • Made of organic agave fiber

Biodegradable Shaving Kit

Biodegradable Shaving Kit

  • A sustainably built dual-bladed razor, engineered with a wheat straw bio-plastic base
  • Comes with shaving cream

Vanity Kit

Vanity Kit

Your go-to solution for makeup & hygiene.

  • 3 cotton wool pads,
  • 4 cotton bud sticks & nail file

Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit

  • 6 needles & threads
  • 1 safety pin & 2 buttons

Sanitary Bag

Sanitary Bag

  • Extra large size (half gallon)
  • Minimize clogging and provide sanitary hygiene

Shower Cap

Shower Cap

  • Fits all hair styles

Compostable Comb

Compostable Comb

  • Made of wheat straw bio-plastic

Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush

Made of ethically-sourced bamboo, this toothbrush is built to last while providing a superb brushing experience.

Bite Toothpaste Bits

Bite Toothpaste Bits

Simply bite down on a bit, watch it foam up like magic and brush.

  • MCS-friendly and fluoride-free
  • Naturally whitening mint

Here's How it Works

  • Place an order


    Place an order

    No matter how many locations you have, we’ll make ordering easy by shipping boxes directly to your properties, saving you time.

  • Get ready for guests


    Get ready for guests

    When your boxes arrive, place a Pampered Guest box where guests will see them and start their stay with a smile.

  • Wow and delight


    Wow and delight

    An elevated experience is what guests will talk to their friends about, helping you build your business without even trying.


What You Could Experience

  • Stacie M. (12 properties) Santa Monica, CA

    “Game changer! We are so happy to have these in our properties. Our guests are totally delighted with the luxurious products and this really goes a VERY long way to show you care. They leave great reviews (some even mention the box) and I don't have to do much of anything other than see my business thrive. Best of all, I only order how many I need, saying goodbye to ordering in bulk and advertising these as part of our on-property amenities boosting us in the search results!”

    POSTED ON 04/28/2023
  • Jack S.

    “Finally! An amazing solution for my business AND price is unreal!!! My guests are loving these luxury amenities, saves them trips to the store and gets me even better reviews! ”

    POSTED ON 02/23/2023
  • Kate L.

    “Most of my Airbnbs are in NY city with guest length of 3 nights on average. With business travelers, most don't pack these items in their carry-on and are so happy to have them on arrival. This increased my reviews dramatically and worth every penny. Thank you Pampered Guest!”

    POSTED ON 03/01/2023
A set of 10 boxes
Regular price

One box per stay. $6.39 per box with free shipping. Includes all amenities listed.

Order Amenities Individually

  • $8.99 - 10 Loofahs

    $8.99 - 10 Loofahs

    Regular price
  • $7.99 - x4 Toothpaste Bits (Case of 10)

    $7.99 - x4 Toothpaste Bits (Case of 10)

    Regular price
  • $10.99 - 10 Bamboo Toothbrush

    $10.99 - 10 Bamboo Toothbrush

    Regular price
  • $9.00 - 10 Natural Soap Bars

    $9.00 - 10 Natural Soap Bars

    Regular price
  • $8.99 - 10 Bottles - Coconut Body Wash

    $8.99 - 10 Bottles - Coconut Body Wash

    Regular price
  • $8.99 - 10 Bottles - Coconut Body Lotion

    $8.99 - 10 Bottles - Coconut Body Lotion

    Regular price
  • $8.99 - 10 Bottles - Verbena Conditioner

    $8.99 - 10 Bottles - Verbena Conditioner

    Regular price
  • $8.99 - 10 Bottles - White Tea Shampoo

    $8.99 - 10 Bottles - White Tea Shampoo

    Regular price
  • $7.90 - 10 Vanity Kits

    $7.90 - 10 Vanity Kits

    Regular price
  • $9.70 - 10 Shaving Kits

    $9.70 - 10 Shaving Kits

    Regular price
  • $4.95 - 10 Sanitary Bag

    $4.95 - 10 Sanitary Bag

    Regular price
  • $4.99 - 10 Sewing Kits

    $4.99 - 10 Sewing Kits

    Regular price
  • $4.90 - 10 Shower Caps

    $4.90 - 10 Shower Caps

    Regular price
  • $2.90 - 10 Shoe Shine Cloths

    $2.90 - 10 Shoe Shine Cloths

    Regular price
  • $7.90 - 10 Combs

    $7.90 - 10 Combs

    Regular price
Good for guests. Good for the Planet.

Build Your Business Without Even Trying

  • Get better reviews & increase bookings

    A delighted guest is an ambassador and growth agent for your business. Better reviews increase bookings, and positive word of mouth is the most effective marketing method.

  • Eliminate bulk ordering, shipping costs & storage space

    Pampered Guest Amenity Boxes eliminate time spent finding, sourcing and setting up amenities, while reducing storage space. Our MOQ is 10 units with free shipping.

  • Elevate your arrival experience

    A Pampered Guest Amenity Box consistently shows you care and enhances guests' comfort and satisfaction while staying at your properties.

  • Give back to the environment

    Show your guests you care about their well-being and the future of this planet with eco-friendly products and a partner helping build a better future for our planet.

  • A mission to Delight

    "I received my education in to the world of hospitality in Switzerland🇨🇭

    Years managing guest experience for some of the world’s top resorts. And as an Airbnb super host. In both, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of being thoughtful. How it’s always the little things that make the biggest difference to guests.

    That little bit extra takes an experience from good to great. With a bit of thought and some well-made gifts, I hope we can build your business into something that sustains. And that, most of all, brings a smile to your guests. And to you as well.

    Thank you for visiting, and I can’t wait to hear your story of bringing moments of wow to your guests, while growing your business."

  • Doing good is

    Good Business

    In 2023, doing good business means considering the impact. 

    The impact on customers AND the impact on our planet. 

    For us, this means doing everything possible to make choices that do no harm. 

    Biodegradable amenities and compostable packaging. 

    Items that can be reused and recycled with ease. 

    But we’re going to go even further. 

    For every order placed, and with the help of OneTreePlanted, we’ll further reduce CO2 in our atmosphere by planting a new tree.

    Not just limiting damage but actively working to make the world better.

    Good for us. Good for you. Good for the planet.

    That’s good business.


Find Your Answer

  • Eliminate bulk buying and time kitting.
  • Reduce 70% average storage space and cashflow tied up in dead inventory
  • The arrival experience is the most important in hospitality. A Pampered Guest box ensures your guests have everything they could need to start their stay off right.
  • You can immediately advertise your property with more amenities, beating your competition in search results. (https://www.airbnb.com/resources/hosting-homes/a/adding-and-editing-amenities-is-easier-than-ever-292)
  • You and your staff will work less, reducing workload and in some case even billable hours.
  • You’ll have a consistent 5* arrival experience for each guest, running a turn-key business.
  • Our amenities are some of the most affordable on the market, yet of the quality of a 5 star luxury hotel. Our bottle sizes and soaps are 40% more volume. That’s not including the presentation & packaging made to delight your guests.
  • Your guests will feel that extra touch of service and hosting experience, making your hosting skills recognized while getting even better reviews on autopilot.

Place a Pampered Guest box in a well-seen location inside your home, before your guests arrive. For an added touch, write the guest's name on the front.

Your guests will love the attention to detail, functionality and comfort provided, resulting in a better guest experience and better reviews. All while you sit back, relax and watch your business grow (it really is that easy)

Purchase a set or two to start and test it out. What do you have to loose? Just one box is needed per stay.

No, our cosmetics, soaps and creams are natural and custom-formulated to be free of parabens, silicone, phthalates, and toxic chemicals that are harmful for the body. We use mild, natural essence of coconut, verbena and white tea to enhance (but not overpower) our formulations.

Our bottles are larger size & last for 5-7 showers.

Each "toothpaste" package contains 4 Bite Toothpaste Bits.

It’s fast and free. We ship UPS Ground, delivering anywhere in the contiguous USA, usually in 3-5 business days.

All of our facilities are certified by SGS to the highest of industry standards. GMP ISO22716 / USFDA CFSAN

Our products are manufactured to the same standard, sanitation & hygiene as if we were preparing and selling food. (USFDA CFSAN)

GMP covers all aspects of production, from the materials, manufacturing location, and equipment to the training, PPE, and staff’s personal hygiene. According to GMP guidelines, detailed written procedures are essential for each process that could affect the finished product’s quality. Every step of the manufacturing process must come with documented proof of the methods used to show that every product is made with consistency.

Our bottles are made of 100% recycled PET eco-plastics (not single use and made to be recycled & re-made)

All packaging and decoration is home-compostable.

Our razor and comb are made of compostable wheat straw bio-plastic (a chemical & BPA-free solution)

We also plant a tree for each order placed.

Wheat straw bio-plastic:

When wheat straw is used to make plastic, it becomes compostable and can decompose in a home or commercial site. As it decomposes at a rate similar to paper, wheat straw plastic leaves behind no toxic material, so the compost can be used for future plant growth.

Box manufacturing:

Each box is made with 100% recycled, uncoated, compostable cardboard, manufactured using clean production technologies. Our amenities are presented on sustainably-sourced wood wool excelsior for a luxurious, natural appearance.

No, we do not.

We are building a brand that reflect our core values and experience of guest experience, high sustainability and quality standards that is growing to be recognized in the vacation rental community.

We recommend hosts and property management companies to make their own products if they would like to have their own labels and amenities.

Place an order. You'll be glad you did, and your guests will be too! :)

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