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Pampered Guest is your secret to ensuring unforgettable stays, five star reviews and the results of a highly-rated Airbnb business ❤️

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The Era of Experience-First Hospitality

Airbnb (or VRBO) isn’t a side hustle for you. You’re in the hospitality business.

That means every other listing (and the hotels) is your competition.

So what are you doing to stand out?

To ensure you always get five-star reviews.

And return time and again?

Building the Business Of Wow

Offering a great place to stay is table stakes.

The listings that succeed in 2024 are focused on extras.

The thoughtfulness that brings a smile to guests’ faces. 

The first impression that makes every guest go wow. 

This is why we created Pampered Guest. 

To help you with the little things ( to build a better business ) 

We’ll do all the work to let you take all the credit ( and the profit )

Pampered Guest Amenity Boxes

Pampered Guest makes carefully curated boxes for your guests.

A magical surprise box containing the little things often forgotten.

The perfect items beautifully packaged and chosen to help guests feel at home.

An experience-first focus, built to guarantee five-star reviews.

Here's How We Do It

Luxurious amenity boxes full of beautiful gifts, and everything your guests might need ( or have forgotten ) on their trip.
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    A Simple Subscription Makes it Easy

    Pampered Guest makes receiving what you need, when you need it, super easy. We’ll send regular orders ( to each property ) without you even having to think about it.

  • 02

    Ready to Greet Guests

    Have the boxes placed where guests will see them on arrival, and start every visit with a wow.

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    Deliver Delight

    Show guests how much you value their visit, and take a huge step towards five-star reviews and repeat bookings.

  • “I love this box for the purpose of using as a welcome/starter kit for our Mid Term Rental Guests. Everything they need to get settled and then some”

    Christian Reyes
  • POSTED ON 07/06/2023

    “Great! I just ordered more!”

    Krista King
  • POSTED ON 08/06/2023

    “I love that everything is in one box, so you don't need to guess on what should be replenished for your next guest.”

    Denise Ryals
  • POSTED ON 06/16/2023

    “Good quality, nicely packaged. Someone put a lot of thought into the kinds of things that a traveler might forget!”

    Sandi Foster
  • POSTED ON 08/06/2023

    “ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I can say without hesitation that the Amenity Box promises MORE than it states in it's advertising. I couldn't have been happier!!! Thanks SO much!”

    Val Spencer
  • POSTED ON 07/06/2023

    “Great for helping guests feel welcome. I don’t have many b and b guests due to I live in a small town and we only have one annual event . I loved the guest box to welcome them”

    Thresa H.
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Why Choose Pampered Guest?

Shampoo Size







100% Natural Ingredients
Sustainable Packaging
Unique amenities per kit






Total amenities per Kit






Minimum Order Quantity

3 or 6





Case by case basis

Shipping Cost


Free with Membership

Free with Membership



Custom pricing

Yearly Membership



Custom contract (≈$10K+)

Storage Space (per order)

1 cubic foot

1 cubic foot

10 cubic feet

5 cubic feet

10 cubic feet

1 cubic foot

  • 👋 Goodbye to Chemicals & Animal Cruelty

    Pampered Guest cosmetics are EWG Verified, Vegan Society & Leaping Bunny Certified, exceeding the highest of industry standards for health and animal welfare.

    📦 Earth friendly packaging

    We're committed to sustainability. We use only 100% FSC-Certified materials, compostable amenities and make our packaging from steam-pressed, recycled paper pulp.

    🌳 Reforestation & Carbon Neutrality

    We're certified Carbon Neutral by CarbonFund. And with One TreePlanted, every order shipped supports mother nature by planting a Mangrove Tree. That's awesome.

Stop the waste & join the movement

Receive deals and stay informed on how we're doing

Our Five Pillars of Excellence

  • Cashflow Management

    We optimize cashflow by eliminating bulk inventory purchases and storage, ensuring resources are directed where needed most.

  • Supply Chain Efficiency

    Our streamlined supply chain ensures reliable stock availability and efficient on-demand deliveries.

  • Automation

    Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and manual monitoring. Simplify data management and inventory tracking, streamlining your operations.

  • Reduced Turn-Day Times

    Experience quicker turnaround between guest check-outs and check-ins, ensuring your properties are ready for the next booking promptly.

  • Sustainability

    Choose eco-friendly solutions with our fully certified, all-natural products, reflecting our commitment to responsible.


Got questions? Dive into our comprehensive section, and we've got answers for all your common queries!

Set the amenity box in any visible guest location and you're done. Your guests will love the 5 star experience and attention to detail they receive!

One amenity box provides amenities for up to four guests per reservation.

  • Short stay boxes are up to 3 night stays*
  • Medium stay boxes are up to 7 night stays*
  • Long stay boxes are up to 30 nights stays*

* For four guests

Between sourcing new products, shopping, storing and delivery we’ve helped Airbnb owners on average save up to 30 minutes per week per property, over the course of a year this adds up to a serious time saving.

Yes, and no. On a per package we do charge a little more than other companies. But, when you factor in the higher quality products we’ve created, no minimums and no contracts, we believe the value of Pampered Guest makes the small increase in price well worth it.

Quality and premium experience were at the forefront of developing our products and amenities. 

For example, our cosmetics are the only small-sized amenity cosmetics to be 100% natural botanicals, EWG Verified, Vegan Society Approved and Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free. Our paper, cotton, wood and tissue products are 100% FSC Certified. This means that all of our products are sustainable sourced, unlike most companies who do FSC Mix to reduce costs.

We guarantee to deliver your inventory by the delivery date and insure it against damage or theft.

A more important question is, what is the cost of review recovery in case individual amenities ordered from competitors are damaged, late or missing? We prevent this, with our guarantee.

We purchase certified carbon credits that offset our calculated carbon output, certifying us carbon free by ClimeCo . As goodwill, we also plant a mangrove tree with our partner, One Tree Planted, for every order placed.

Yes, we are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny North America.

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