• Helping Airbnb Hosts build a

    Highly Rated Business

    by delighting guests with Amenity Boxes

    The perfect ( and sustainable ) way to show guests you care about their time in your properties, provide the items they need while away from home and have them booking again and again!

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Hospitality is getting harder,
how are you Standing out?

Airbnb ( and VRBO ) aren't just a side hustle for you. You’re in the hospitality business.

That means every other listing ( and the hotels ) is your competition.

So what are you doing to stand out?

To make guests rave about their stays.

And return time and again?

  • Brito Airbnb Superhost

    Highest quality, amazing guest experience

    “We started providing these to our guests and they love the products, truly feeling cared for and not having to do anything other than our housekeeping team setting up a box per stay.”

Building the Business of Wow

The listings that succeed in 2024 are focused on extras.

Our Amenity Boxes bring a smile to guests’ faces. 

The first impression that makes every guest go wow. 

This is why we created Pampered Guest. 

To deliver wow and get you better reviews, without having to do any extra work.

  • Denise Property Manager

    Great Addition to Any Property!

    “I love that everything is in one box, so you don't need to guess on what should be replenished for your next guest”

Here's How it Works

  • Order Amenity Boxes


    Order Amenity Boxes

    No matter how many locations you have, we’ll make ordering easy by shipping boxes directly to your properties, saving you time.

  • Get ready for guests


    Get ready for guests

    Place an amenity box near the entry way before your guests come. Delight your guests and serve them with essentials they will love.

  • Wow and delight


    Wow and delight

    An elevated experience is what guests will talk to their friends about, helping you build your business without even trying.


What Superhosts Like You Experience

  • Christie Airbnb Superhost

    I Got the Airbnb Guest Favorite Badge

    “When I started using Amenity Boxes, guests started mentioning them and leaving better reviews. Within months, my property got the Airbnb Guest Favorite Badge!”

Shop Luxury Amenity Boxes

EWG Verified. Cruelty-Free. Compostable.

Shop Essentials Boxes

Our boxes with just the essentials inside. Perfect for short stays and weekend trips. EWG Verified. Cruelty-Free. Compostable.

Shop Bergamot Collection

All Natural. EWG Verified. Cruelty-Free.

Good for guests. Good for your business.

Key Benefits

  • Get better reviews & increase bookings

    A delighted guest is an ambassador and growth agent for your business. Better reviews increase bookings, and positive word of mouth is the most effective marketing method.

  • Reduce labor costs & turn-day times

    Pampered Guest Amenity Boxes decrease turn-day times, eliminate bulk buying, storing, kitting and checking inventory, and save money providing the right amount of product for every stay.

  • Elevate your guest experience

    A Pampered Guest Amenity Box consistently shows you care and enhances guests' comfort and satisfaction while staying at your properties.

  • Give back to the environment

    Show your guests you care about their well-being and the future of this planet with eco-friendly products and a partner helping build a better future for our planet.

  • Doing good is

    Good Business

    With the challenges facing our planet, we have to be better.

    We’re doing our part by using natural materials and compostable packaging. But it’s not enough. So we’ve partnered with the CarbonFund (who have certified us Carbonfree) to give back even more.

    For every order, and with the help of OneTreePlanted, we’ll further reduce CO2 in our atmosphere by planting a new tree.

    Not just limiting further damage to our environment but actively working to make the world better.

    Good for us. Good for you. Good for the planet.

    That’s good business.

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